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Race Day Saturday February 17, 2018


My Latest Challenge:


THe ultimate challenge

 Mt. Taylor



Elevation 11,301 



Friday 02/16/2018

Greetings participants,
We would like to welcome all of you to the 35th annual Quad. This year’s event will prove to be unique as we have had a lack of moisture making the event more of a Biathlon than a Quadrathlon. The transitions are the same as in years past and we still refer to them as the Start-Finish, Bike-Run; Run-Ski, and Ski –Snowshoe. We ask that all of you please attend the mandatory meeting at the Grants High School Cafeteria at 7pm (The High Carb Diner Location), if you are in town. We have not had this in the past but being that we have a lack of moisture we would like to explain the course to you before Saturday with some guidance on how the course is for you all.
Any changes or substitutions can be made at registration on Friday or the last minute person who forgot to register can register. We can only accept check or cash this year. NO Credit Cards at this time. 
Registration has moved a few hundred feet from the normal place. We are in the old Library across the street from the convention center. It is on the corner of Iron and High street. Do not Google the Library, as it will take you to First St. The new location of the Library, if you are new to town Google Grants City Hall and you will see us when you arrive. Look for a huge white tent in the middle of High Street. The equipment check-in will be across the street in the fire station as usual. This is also the Start – Finish line for the race as well. So the new change for this year is that Registration has moved across the street in the old library. 
The lower half of the course is in great shape. No snow on the bike very little snow on the run course and what is there now will be bladed off so expect some mud on the run. The big question is how is the 6-8” of fresh wet snow going to hold up for Friday into Saturday. The Up Hill Ski (RUN) will be snow-packed and icy with rocks, your choice of Snowshoes or Yak Tracks or whatever you think gives you some sort of grip going up an icy snowy surface. I suggest you bring your snowshoes. The first .3 tenths of the uphill ski (RUN) will be difficult as it has very little snow once your to the top you will think or wish you had skis on but at the one mile mark you will hit the first meadow which will be somewhat patchy, then as you go back into the trees it is snow-packed. As you approach Heartbreak hill it will get somewhat patchy again with snow and mud. The snowshoe up will be the tree line to the summit and back down the tree line to the edge of world (the best aid station on the Mountain) and then back to the transition. The Downhill ski (Run) will be on the main road. We will give you a better update on this tomorrow and Saturday before you start the race. Please try to attend the Racer meeting at 7pm at the Grants High Cafeteria of course we understand if you are traveling in but this is were you will get a course update. 
We hope you enjoy this year’s event and we appreciate each and every one of you for attending. See ya on the Mountain Saturday. 
Check FB and Webpage www.mttaylorquad.org for more info

Sunday 02/11/2018 race update

We did get some snow. Not enough to make changes to the course. The Ski will not be taken place this year. It is a run this year with the option to use your snowshoes in the place of skis or you can use your running shoes with Yak tracks or nano spikes. Last nights storm actually placed more snow on the run course than any other leg of the event. It is already melting though. Stayed tuned for more updates this week.

Friday 02/09/2018 Race Update

Up hill ski (run) Rocky, icy, snowpacked to the Ski Snowshoe transition. Snowshoes would make this portion considerably easier than hiking or running it. Poles help as well. Once you transition to the Snowshoe section it starts off a little rocky but you end up in snow very quickly. As you get to the edge of the world (everyone's favorite drink stop) your going to turn hard left and go up hill for about 100yds and then veer to right. Follow the orange pin flags up. As your headed up look for the orange flagging tied to the trees going towards the summit. just before you summit your back on rocks and grass. at the summit you will then proceed down the MTN on the Gooseberry trail (North) look for pin flags. you will take the Trail down and back to the edge of the world. This will all be marked on race day. People will help direct you. This is the preliminary route, if we get snow this may change.


Saturday 02/03/2018 Race update

 The snow melted along the tree line up the face. Our original route straight up the face is a nice hike now. In 35 yrs we never have not had the Snowshoe and only twice have we not skied. This may be a first Quadrathlon that will be a true biathlon. We still have a few weeks but for right now be prepared to run/hike on the ski and snowshoe. You may want or need ice spikes or yak tracks for sure on the ski portion. We will keep everyone updated of The course conditions the best we can, check back Thursday for an update after our board meeting. The run section is nearly clear but muddy. Perfect year for teams who couldn't find a skier. It's going to be a great event. Snow or no Snow!


About The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon

Racers start with a 13 mile bike ride on a paved road seeing the change from desert cactus to ponderosa pine. The course winds through the streets of Grants and begins the 1800 foot climb. At the end of the paved road, bikes are parked

Racers must run the next five miles on gravel roads. The road generally starts out dry but usually runs to snow packed. This part of the course will climb 1200 feet in elevation.

Runners then turn to cross-country skis to challenge the next 1200 foot climb of the mountaineering ski course that covers two miles. During the final yards of this course you must face the notorious "HEARTBREAK HILL" that lays waiting for weary racers.

The remaining one mile climb on snowshoes gains 600 feet to reach the 11,301 foot summit of MT. TAYLOR where a person can see for over a hundred miles on a clear day.

Then the Best Part you have to turn around and race back to where you started.

At the completion of the Ultimate challenge you will have conquered 4,900 ft of elevation gain, and 43 miles and some change in exhilarating and agonizing bliss.  Are you ready for your Ultimate Challenge!


11,301 ft 35.2386° N, 107.6082° W


Grants, New Mexico


35.2386° N, 107.6082° W

                                                                           "It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves."                                                                                               -Edmund Hillary

A portion of each race entry will be donated to:

Charity Partner cibola county autism support group





Contestants competes in all elements of the Bike, Run, Ski and Snowshoe

 Ages 14 and over as of 02/17/2018

$95.00 September 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018 (Midnight)

$100.00 January 1, 2018 - January 31, 2018  (Midnight)

$100.00 February 1 -13, 2018 Late Registration

No Race Day Registration

No Transfers/No Refunds

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 Pair Relay

A Team of two must complete the Bike, Run, Ski and Snowshoe

in an order in which the contestants choose

but they cannot leap Frog an event.


 Ages 14 and over as of 02/17/2018

$55.00 September 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018 (Midnight)

$65.00 January 1, 2018 - January 31, 2018  (Midnight)

$65.00 February 1 -13, 2018 Late Registration

No Race Day Registration

No Transfers/No Refunds

2018 Race Results Click here

 3-4 Person Relay

A team of 3-4 will compete in the Bike, Run, Ski, and Snowshoe.

The contestants can chose a leg of the race and compete in that event.

Person 1 Bike, Person 2 Run, Person 3 Ski, Person 4 Snowshoe.

No contestant may leap frog an event to compete in another leg.


Ages 14 and over as of 02/17/2018

$55.00 September 1, 2017 - December 31, 2018 (Midnight)

$65.00 January 1, 2018 - January 31, 2018  (Midnight)

$65.00 February 1 -13, 2018 Late Registration

No Race Day Registration

No Transfers/No Refunds

2018 Race Results Click here



Male & Female

1st Place Overall $1,000

2nd Place Overall $500

3rd Place Overall $250






Male & Female

1st - 2nd - 3rd

18 & Under   
19 - 29
30 - 39

40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69




Male, Female, Coed

1st - 2nd - 3rd

18 & Under   
19 - 29
30 - 39

40 - 49
50 - 59
60 - 69



February 16, 2018

Time: 5:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Location: Cibola County Convention Center

Address 515 W. High Street.


February 16, 2018

Time: 5:00 P.M. - 8:00 P.M.

Location: Grants Fire Department Station 1

Address 620 W. High Street.


February 17, 2018

Soloist Start Time - 8:00 am

Pair/Team Start Time - 8:00am

*Note new start time for Pairs/Teams. 

**Mass Start at 8:00 am for all Racers (Solos, Pairs, Teams)

High Carb Dinner

February 16, 2018

Time 5:00 P.M. to 8:30 P.M. 

The dinner is included in your entry fee. Your ticket will be in your race packet. 

The High Carb Dinner is the Annual fundraiser that supports the Grants High School Music Program.

Location: Grants High School Cafeteria

Address 500 Mountain Road.



Participants/Volunteer/Spectators Shuttle Depart times: 6:00 AM

Course/Road is Closed to all Traffic: 7:45 AM

Soloist Race Starts: 8:00 AM

Pairs and Team Race Starts: 8:00 AM

Quad Kids Race Starts: 9:00 AM

Solo Cut-off Time to Start Snowshoes: 1:00 PM

Team/Pair Cut-off Time to Start Snowshoe: 1:00 PM

All racers cut off time to start downhill bike: 4:30 PM

Awards Ceremony: New this Year 2018 - After the top 3 racers in each category cross the finish line times/placements will confirmed with the timing company. Once times/placements have been confirmed the awards will take place for that category.

All Equipment must be picked up by: 6:00 pm


To promote safety along the course, parking is only allowed at designated points. The entire

race course is closed to traffic at 7:45 am with the exception of shuttles. All vehicles must be

parked by 7:45 am

Parking for the Start/Finish is located near the Cibola County Complex 515 W. High St. Grants,


Parking is available at the Bike/Run transition at the 13 mile marker on a first come basis.

NO PARKING is available for competitors or spectators at the Run/Ski transition.

Spectators are expected to stay until law enforcement permits traffic off the mountain.

This is for the safety of the event.


Transportation shuttles will be available to transport competitors spectators and volunteers to the various

transition points along the course. Shuttles will depart from the Cibola County Complex from

TBD. It is recommended that snow-shoers and skiers take the earliest shuttles in

order to reach their destinations on time. Depending on road and snow conditions, you may be

required to change shuttles several times along the route.

Shuttles may consist of:

  • School buses
  • Vans
  • The bed of pick-up trucks

Dress warmly and allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

Return shuttles begin coming off the mountain with law enforcements permission.

Each one leaves when a sufficient number of people are aboard.

The Race will Start and End in front of the Cibola County Complex 515 W. High St. Grants, N.M.



Cycling Helmets Are Required During The Entire Bike Race.

Each Participant Will Be Individually Responsible For Repair And Maintenance Of Their Own Bike Without Any Outside Assistance.

No Exchange Of Equipment Unless Carried Up On The Bike By The Racer.

Participants May Walk Or Carry Their Bike If Necessary.

No Drafting Allowed On The Downhill Segment.


No Form Of Locomotion Other Than Running, Walking, Or Crawling Is Allowed.

No Individual Support Vehicles Or Non-Participant Escort Runners Are Allowed.


Skis Must Be Worn Throughout The Entire Race. Participants Must Finish The Race With At Least One Ski On.

All Skis And Poles Must Be Checked In And Transported By The Quad To The Transition.

Skins Are Recommended And Participants Are Responsible For Removal.

Skis Must Be Worn Throughout The Entire Race. Participants Must Finish The Race With At Least One Ski On.

All Skis And Poles Must Be Checked In And Transported By The Quad To The Transition.

Skins Are Recommended And Participants Are Responsible For Removal.


The Snowshoer May Use Ski Poles.

Snowshoes Must Be Worn At All Times During The Race.

A Snowshoer Must Finish The Race With At Least One Snowshoe On.

Snowshoers Must Use A Legitimate Manufactured Snowshoe.

Snowshoers Will Be Required To Walk To The Ski/Snowshoe Transition From The Run/Ski Transition On Their Own.

Soloists And Pairs Must Carry Their Snowshoes With Them From The Ski Transition. We Are No Longer Able To Bring Snowshoes Down. You Must Carry Them While You Ski Up And Down. Most Competitors Use A Backpack.

Snowshoes Are To Be Fastened Or Contained As To Prevent Injury.


All Equipment To Be Transported Must Be Check In By 9:00 PM On Friday. No Exceptions! Marking Of All Equipment Will Take Place At The Time You Check In And Colored Tape Will Be Provided At Equipment Check-In.

No Equipment Check-In On Race Day.

All Equipment Should Be Clearly Marked With Contestant's Color Coded Race Number. This Includes Any Items Which Will Be Separated From You During The Race (Bike, Helmet, Running Shoes, Poles, Snow Shoes, Ski Boots, Backpacks, Gloves, Hats, Jackets, Bags Of Clothing, Or Food).

Colored Tape Is Provided To Number And Identify Where Checked-In Equipment Goes To Each Transition.

SOLOIST: Bike/Run Transition: Numbered With Yellow Duct Tape Only

PAIRS: Bike/Run Transition: Numbered With White Duct Tape Only

Run/Ski Transition: Numbered With Red Duct Tape Only

Run/Ski Transition: Numbered With Green Duct Tape Only

TEAMS: Run/Ski Transition: Numbered With Blue Duct Tape Only

TWO PERSON TEAMS (Where One Person Does 3 Events:To Be Established At Time Of Check-In.)

All Skis And Poles Must Be Checked In. You Will Not Be Allowed To Carry These Items On The Shuttles.

Team Members Should Transport Their Own Equipment (With The Exception Of Skis And Poles) To The Desired Transitions By Carrying It With Them On The Shuttles.

Soloists And Pairs Must Carry Their Snow Shoes With Them From The Ski Transition. We Are No Longer Able To Bring Snowshoes Down; You Must Carry Them While You Ski Up And Down.


It Is Recommended That You:

Place Your Run Up And Bike Down Gear In One Bag, Preferably One With A Zipper. The Bag Will Be Transported To The Bike/Run Transition And Placed In Numbered Racks Which Correspond To Your Race Number. Your Bike Will Also Be Located In These Numbered Racks When You Return From The Run.

Take Your Skis, Snowshoes, And A Bag With Your Run Down Gear, Food, Water, And Clothing Items And Bundle Them All Together. This Equipment Will Be Transported To The Run/Ski Transition And Placed In Numbered Racks Which Correspond To Your Race Number.

 All Equipment Must Be Retrieved By 6:00 P.M. On Race Day. Left Over Equipment Or Unclaimed Items Will Be Donated To Local Charities.


Race Number Must Be Visible At All Times.

Course Marshals And Officials Have Authority To Disqualify Participants For Any Violation Of The Rules.

Medical Personnel Have Ultimate Authority To Remove A Participant From The Race.

A Contestant Must Personally Notify And Turn In Their Race Bib To The Nearest Race Official If They Decide To Withdraw From The Race.

Good Sportsmanship Conduct Will Be Demanded Of All Contestants.

Participants Will Be Required To Pass Through Timing Chutes At Each Transition.

Pairs Are A Two-Member Entry.

Teams Consist Of Three Or Four Members.

During The Race, No Transportation Of Any Type Will Be Provided Or Allowed Between Transition Points


All Transfer Of Personnel Within A Pair Or Team Must Be Done At Transition Sites.

Any Contestant Within A Team Or Pair May Continue A Part Of The Race As Long As Their Participation Is Continuous And Does Not Violate The Leap Frogging Provision.

You the contestant are responsible for your well-being while waiting on your teammate at a transition.  The Quad volunteers will do their best to ensure your safety as priority but it is not their job to cater to you at this time. 

We do allow campfires in our transitions for volunteers and competitors to stay warm.  Remember if you are not racing or competing standing around can get very cold for some people so if the Smoke bothers you, we are sorry but a fire is an essential part of keeping people warm.    

The course is closed from 8-5 so if you drive your vehicle up the course. You will have to wait until course official’s deem it safe to move on the course. Please be patient.

No Pets On The Course.




The Weather In February Can Be Extremely Unpredictable And Can Change Drastically Throughout The Day. We Encourage Athletes To Prepare For A Wide Variation In Temperature, Wind Chill Factors, And Precipitation.We Have Had Race Days Where The Temperature Has Been In The High 50s With Minimal Winds And No Precipitation. We Have Also Had Days Where The Temperature Was In The Low 40s With Wind Chill Below Zero On The Face Of The Mountain.

Whiteout Conditions Can Exist On The Top Half Of The Mountain.

Course Conditions May Mean Exposed Rocks, Tree Roots, Cattle Guard, Etc. We Cannot Be Responsible For The Damage Caused By These And Other Road Hazards To Yourself Or Equipment. Please Choose Appropriate Race Equipment!

Plan For These Changes In Temperatures By Layering Your Clothing, So You Can Make Adjustments Along The Way. It Is Helpful To Have Extra Clothing, Gloves, Hats, And Jackets At Each Of The Transition Points.

A Contingency Plan Is In Place Provided The Mountain Lacks Enough Snow On Race Day.

If We Cannot Host The Race Due To Severe Weather, We Will Update Our Website/Facebook/Etc. As Soon As We Know.

There Will Not Be Any Refunds Due To Acts Of God or if the race is cancelled for any reason.

Course Maps

Run .jpg

About Quad Kids

Quad Kids Has Been Developed For The Younger Generations To See And Be Part Of The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon When They Are Older.  As The Kids Learn About The Quad And Race In Quad Kids It Will Give Them The Motivation In Years To Come To One-Day Race In The Mt. Taylor Winter Quadrathlon. Quad Kids Consists Of Boys And Girls Categories Ranging In Ages From 3 To 12 Year Olds. The Quad Kids Bike/Run On A Designated Course In The Downtown Area Of Grants.  

 Quad Kids Registration


FEBRUARY 16, 2018 - 5:00 P.M. TO 7:00 P.M. - CIBOLA CONVENTION CENTER          

                RACE DAY REGISTRATION FEBRUARY 17, 2017 7:00 A.M. TO 7:45  A.M. CIBOLA CONVENTION CENTER          















3-4 YEAR OLDS - 9:00 A.M.

5-6 YEAR OLDS - 9:15 A.M.

7-8 YEAR OLDS - 9:30 A.M.

9-10 YEAR OLDS - 9:45 A.M.

11-12 YEAR OLDS - 10:00 A.M.

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